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  • Standard

    The design is that of the traditional pillow but it is even more anatomical and transpirant.

  • The Wave

    This pillow is this pillow is an excellent support model for the neck, thanks to the ergonomical shape of the upper part, paired with the regular shape of the lower part.

  • Comfort

    Try the comfortable embrace of the Memoform Magnifoam in one single support, perfect relaxation for your neck.

  • Orthomassage

    Orthomassage is the proof that everything is possible, even a regenerating massage during rest.

  • Quadro

    Quadro is a singular model that includes all of the Memoform Magnifoam qualities.

  • Malva

    This pillow is made with mauve extracts, known for its calming and anti inflammatory qualities.

  • Sushi

    Sushi is an ingenious and practical cover that can take on many shapes.

  • Viaggio

    Viaggio is the first pillow in a mini format that has been made in Memoform Magnifoam, so small that there is absolutely no problem in bringing it with you.