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The rules of good sleep

Rules to sleep well

To sleep, for our body is as important as eating or drinking. For the different moments of our life there are different quantities of sleep to respect, for example:

But is the quality of sleep that satisfy...sleep well make happy from the first hours of a day! Not everybody rest in the right way.

Here some good customs to facilitate the good sleep:

  •  Sleep early and possibly at regular times.
    • To be constant and regular in going to bed is good for our bio-rhythms. 
  • Doing daily exercise.
    • The rest that our body needs is directly proportional to our life style, a sedentary life style does not encourage sleep. - Go out during the day. For the melatonin, the sleep hormon, it's necessary alternate the day light and movement alternate with the darkness and the stillness of the night.
  • Get used to doing relaxing exercises.
    • Meditation, stretching and breathing take us towards a good sleep.
  • Eat lightly.
    • Some foods that are not easy to digest can disturb our sleep, in the same way too much food creates a feeling of heaviness that makes it difficult to lie supine or prone.
  • Eat a protein snack.
    • If we are used to eating dinner early and then going to bed late a snack is necessary to rebalance the metabolism and in order not to wake up hungry. A protein snack is preferable to one with sugars and cereals (that increase the blood sugar level and inhibit sleep): proteins induce tryptophan to produce melatonin and serotonin.
  • Have a shower or a relax in a bath.
    • It is a good habit to go to bed after having eliminated from our body the dirt, grime and bacteria picked up during the day. Warm water and using bath salts or oils encourage extra relaxation.