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Memoform magnifoam

Memoform Magnifoam

Is the softest material: it gives an incomparable comfort.

Thanks to the immediate reaction of this material to heat and pressure, Memoform Magnifoam follows perfectly the body outline, offering excellent support to the whole body and especially to the back. In a short time it regains its original shape and adapts to movements we make during the night without waking up.


A material made of a microcell structure connected by capillaries expanded at a particularly high density that determine its soft consistency compared to polyurethane based materials. In combination with materials such as Memoform and Elioform, in the making of a mattress, it balances the need for softness and rigidity.



Is the combination of two types of polyether, one that gives rigidity to the mattress, the other that improves resistance and non deformability. The structure is made of microcells connected to each other so that the layer can “breathe” correctly and so makes the mattress hygienic, heat balanced and capable of absorbing and dispersing rapidly the body's humidity.